Friday, March 12, 2010

What I Eat When There's Nothing to Eat

Today's post will have to be short, because I'm pretty sure my coherence will fall apart after just a few minutes. My brain is losing its battle with mental fog that I blame partially on pregnancy hormones and partially on a sinus infection that just won't quit.

I haven't felt like venturing into new recipe territory over the last few weeks (with the exception of a wonderful vanilla bean pound cake that I want to tell you about sometime in the near future), but I've managed to scrape together good meals from pantry staples and reimagined leftovers. Any time I roast vegetables in the oven, I save the leftovers; I also follow this general recipe to clean out my leftover fresh veggies at the end of the week (just saute them in a bit of olive oil while the pasta boils). Tossed with pasta, a drizzle of olive oil, and your favorite soft cheese (I always have chevre on hand), leftover vegetables make for an insanely easy lunch on those days that you want something delicious but just don't feel like putting in a lot of effort.

Favorite Easy Pasta Dish

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil and cook a handful of your pasta of choice until al dente. While pasta boils, either reheat leftover roasted/grilled vegetables in a saute pan or saute fresh greens and vegetables in olive oil until just tender. Drain pasta, reserving some pasta water, and toss pasta in saute pan with vegetables. Add a bit of reserved pasta water and simmer just until you have a thin sauce, then add several chunks of soft cheese and stir into pasta.

In the photos, I used leftover roasted asparagus, an assortment of mushrooms, and yellow peppers, but you can use just shallots and garlic, or onions with cherry tomatoes and a pinch of red pepper flakes, or whatever else you have lurking in your kitchen.


  1. Unfortunately, pasta is not one of my pantry staples. =( All I have are Space Needle-shaped noodles that my mom sent me from Seattle that I'm saving for a very special occasion.



    What I DO have are eggs and flour and a pasta machine!! Linguine noodles are EASY! And I just bought broccoli and I have onions and garlic and red pepper flakes. Oh, and chicken I need to use!! YUM!!

  2. That looks creamy and delicious. Now I'm craving pasta....yum!