Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Little Celebration

I made this cake a few weeks ago, just because I wanted to send something nice to work with the hubs. I haven't had the energy (or the steady hands) to decorate a cake for a few months, but that has passed and I feel well enough to share a little secret with you...

We're having a baby!

Yes, the last few months of not feeling well have been due to severe morning sickness (which they really need to re-name, by the way). It was physically a very, very rough ordeal, but I'm finally gaining back the weight I lost, my energy is back, and food has regained its appeal. So again, please forgive my relative absence over the last couple of months. I expect to be posting regularly with lots of goodies for you.


  1. Congratulations! How exciting that you are having a little one!

  2. Nicole and Yves, congratulations!!! Hope you both are doing well!!

    Holly Hawn aka "lemon queen"

  3. Orange. What a nice color to decorate with!

  4. Congratulations to you both! Hope you are doing well and feeling great. When you get a chance, please send me an email to with your mailing address. I received some mail address to you and Yves at work the other day and would like to forward it on to you. Have a great day and tell Yves hello!