Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lemon Extract

I have finally dwindled my lemon stash down to just over a dozen lemons. I've made lemonade (more on that later), several lemon cakes, lemon curd, and I've put lemon in every meal I've made for the past 5 days. Frankly, I'm a bit lemoned-out, so I zested and juiced a good chunk of the stash and now have fresh juice and zest crowding my already space-challenged freezer.

I didn't freeze all of the zest, though. While I was giving my homemade vanilla extract its weekly shakeup (more on that later, too), I figured I could make some lemon extract with some wide strips of lemon peel. Its super easy and doesn't really require a recipe, or any effort- just place a few strips of lemon peel in a glass jar (I use small jam jars or canning jars) and top off with vodka (I ended up using rum, because I use it to flavor buttercream and I like the rumminess, but vodka will give you a much cleaner flavor). Let it sit for 6 to 8 weeks in your pantry, and give it a good shake or two every week, and you'll soon have a good-quality lemon extract.


  1. O.O I had no idea you could do this... Or that it's so easy...

  2. Incredibly easy. Like no work at all... I'm doing lemon, mint, and vanilla extracts right now.