Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gag reflex, ACTIVATE!

I am making baked beans for dinner tonight and needed to pick up a meaty pork bone to slow-cook with the beans. After my workout this morning, I went to the local grocery store and headed to the produce section first, because I can't seem to walk into a grocery store without perusing the fruit and veg. As usual, I was disappointed to find congealed spinach leaves, woody asparagus (some of which I could peel from the bottom like an onion- that was new), and soft cukes, so I headed back to the meats to find my pork bone. I could not find what I needed on the sales floor, so I approached the butcher's counter to ask if they had any in back. After waiting at the counter for a full ten minutes, an employee finally came to my aid and told me they had no pork bones... Fair enough, but as he told me this, a thick stream of mucus dripped from his red-rimmed nose onto his shirt, his hand, and the counter on which he was working. At this point, I was a bit grossed out, but I politely ignored it because there is a nasty cold going around- but then, to my horror, he turned around and grabbed beef WITHOUT CLEANING HIS HANDS OR THE COUNTER!!! And then he put the beef right in the snot on the counter! I have seen some distasteful things at this particular store, but nothing on that level before! The kicker is that he didn't even wait for me to walk away, or at least pretend at cleanliness! Do you know how happy I was that they had no pork bones?!?

In fairness, I don't want to give the impression that the stores around here are grimy, dirty little holes that need to be put out of their misery with some lighter fluid and a flame thrower. They are usually quite clean, but somehow things like moldy produce and cockroaches (and, in one case, a rodent) show up fairly often.

In the end, I got my pork bone from a different store of the same chain, because that's the only option within an hour of my house... and I am now enjoying the smells of molasses and brown sugar baked beans slowly simmering with a large, meaty, and hopefully body fluid-free pork bone.


  1. Have you ever seen Kitchen Nightmares?

  2. I've heard about it, but I've not seen an episode yet. I should youtube it...

  3. Go to fox.com. They have the good quality episodes and they've listed all of them, not just the most recent.